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Empowering Aussie Teens with Farm Safety Knowledge

A free to play farm injury prevention and safety educational game developed by high schoolers, for high schoolers.

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What is Calm Your Farm?

Elevate your school's farm education program with engaging content to provide essential safety knowledge.

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Interactive and Fun

Experience farm safety education offering interactive and fun resources that make learning an enjoyable journey for teens in schools.

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Designed By Kids, Developed By Experts

Our comprehensive farm safety education program was carefully designed by Aussie kids and tested by experts to ensure the highest quality and relevance for teens in schools.

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30+ Lessons

Our diverse curriculum with a variety of lessons covers crucial topics such as vehicles, water, paddock, and workshop safety, providing a comprehensive education for teens in schools.

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Relatable To Teens

Our games feature fun characters that Aussie teens can relate to, making the learning experience not just educational, but uniquely entertaining and familiar.

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What our courses do?

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Students will go on a journey of discovery and growth as they dive into our farm safety education programme, where learning becomes an exciting adventure for teens.

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Discover the fun side of farm safety education as we blend learning seamlessly with games for an engaging and memorable experience for teens.

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Set your sights on success with Calm Your Farm, where not only will you gain valuable farm safety knowledge, but you'll also achieve your goals to make changes to keep you safe on the farm with completion certificates.


What our customers say about Xchool

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Josh G.
“Absolutely wonderful”

Xchool is the best platform I've ever used for tracking my educational progress.

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Alice M.
“Highly recommended”

I've found their features to be extremely useful in keeping track of my classes and grades.

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Mark L.
“This is unbelievable”

I am just starting my first semester of college and Xchool has been a lifesaver.