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About the course

Through our engaging vehicle safety course, teens will gain a deeper understanding of crucial safety measures. Students learn how to choose a safer vehicle, choose characters who emphasize helmet use, and emphasize the importance of seatbelt use. During the course, teens will choose a vehicle to drive, learn to drive within speed limits and identify and avoid risky behaviours. They will also gain valuable insight into common injuries and potential risks associated with vehicle performance. In addition to equipping teens with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, our course makes learning about vehicle safety fun and engaging.

What will you learn

Experience our Vehicle Safety Course, designed to teach teens the essential skills they need to operate vehicles responsibly. Participants will explore the following key topics in this engaging program:

  • Choosing a Safer Vehicle: Learn how to make informed decisions when selecting a vehicle for a safer ride.
  • Helmet Awareness: Discover the importance of choosing characters equipped with helmets for enhanced safety.
  • Seatbelt Application: Master the art of putting on a seatbelt properly, a fundamental aspect of safe driving.
  • Driving Within Speed Limits: Navigate virtual roads while understanding the significance of adhering to speed limits for responsible driving.
  • Identifying Risky Behaviours: Develop the ability to identify and avoid common risky behaviours on the road.
  • Recognising Common Injuries: Gain valuable insights into common injuries associated with vehicle accidents.
  • Understanding Vehicle Performance Dangers: Explore potential dangers related to vehicle performance, fostering a comprehensive understanding of road safety.

This course ensures that teens not only learn but actively engage with the material, transforming the process of acquiring vehicle safety knowledge into a dynamic and enjoyable experience.


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How to get started

For Teachers

Before incorporating Calm Your Farm into your classroom, we advise teachers to prepare and read this valuable information first. This will assist you in seamlessly implementing the program with laptops and devices in the classroom with your students.

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