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About the course

Discover ways to stay extra safe in the farm workshop environment, including how to dress to be safe for work, recognize hazards, identify poison symbols, and ensure you stay shock-free with electrical safety.

What will you learn

Experience our Workshop Safety Course, designed to teach teens the essential skills they need to understand workshop safety by choosing the right character clothing, honing danger identification skills, navigating chemical handling precautions, and practising electrical safety measures.

  • Character Clothing: Dress the part for safety! Learn about appropriate character clothing to wear in the farm workshop, ensuring protection and comfort.
  • Identify Dangers: Sharpen your hazard-spotting skills. Explore how to identify potential dangers in the farm workshop to create a secure working environment.
  • Identify Chemicals: Navigate the world of chemicals safely. Understand how to identify different substances in the farm workshop and adopt precautions for handling them.
  • Electrical Safety: Stay shock-free! Dive into electrical safety practices specific to the farm workshop, including how to handle tools and equipment to prevent accidents.

This course ensures that teens not only learn but actively engage with the material, transforming the process of acquiring workshop safety knowledge into a dynamic and enjoyable experience.


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How to get started

For Teachers

Before incorporating Calm Your Farm into your classroom, we advise teachers to prepare and read this valuable information first. This will assist you in seamlessly implementing the program with laptops and devices in the classroom with your students.

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