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Calm Your Farm is an interactive educational game that guides players through vehicle, workshop, paddock and water scenarios, encouraging learning on risk identification, understanding hazards and consequences, and taking measures to reduce risk of injury.

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How to play

Calm Your Farm can be played at home or in the classroom, with tools for teachers such as lesson plans within a unit of work to support each module. Players receive a certificate on completion but are encouraged to reach the gold goal in order to download a gold achievement certificate.

Developed in partnership with UNSW

Supported by funding from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, this game has been co-designed with injury prevention researchers from the University of New South Wales, James Cook University, the University of Sydney Rural Medical School and the University of Technology.

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What does Calm Your Farm do?

Using the principles of gamification, Calm Your Farm guides players through vehicle, workshop, paddock and water scenarios, encouraging learning on risk identification, understanding of hazards and consequences and corrective actions to reduce injury risk. At the end, players will have a greater understanding of how injury on the farm occurs and how to prevent it. 

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Interactive and Fun

Experience farm safety education offering interactive and fun resources that make learning an enjoyable journey for teens in schools.

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Designed By Kids, Developed By Experts

Our comprehensive farm safety education program was carefully designed by Aussie kids and tested by experts to ensure the highest quality and relevance for teens in schools.

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Our games feature fun characters that Aussie teens can relate to, making the learning experience not just educational, but uniquely entertaining and familiar.

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50+ Lessons

Our diverse curriculum with a variety of lessons covers crucial topics such as vehicles, water, paddock, and workshop safety, providing a comprehensive education for teens in schools.

Meet the team

Say hello to the awesome crew who's behind the magic of designing and developing Calm Your Farm.

Dr. Amy Peden

Dr. Amy Peden

Bringing Amy's expertise in educational content and design to the development of "Calm Your Farm," she created a game that resonates with children across Australia, making learning fun and engaging.
Shane McCartney

Shane McCartney

Shane and his team at Mode Games collaborated as developers to create "Calm Your Farm," a captivating and innovative gaming experience that showcases their talent and dedication to delivering engaging content.


Prof. Richard Franklin

Richard is a farm injury prevention expert and advocate who provided key insight to game development from his three sons.

Prof. Rebecca Ivers

Rebecca is a researcher who works with families and communities worldwide to prevent injury and assisted in game development.

Dr. Dennis Alonzo

Dennis is an education academic who reviewed educational content and provided curriculum links and lesson plans.

Dr. Patrick Tran

Patrick specialises in gamification and helped to optimise Calm Your Farm for educational engagement.

Prof. Faye McMillan

Faye is a proud Wiradjuri yinaa (woman) who assisted in game development and testing.

Prof. Catherine Hawke

Catherine is Head of Clinical School for the School of Rural Health Dubbo/Orange and assisted in game development and testing.