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About the course

Get ready for a splash of knowledge all about water safety! Jump into this awesome module where you'll soak up important lessons through super fun and interactive activities.

What will you learn

Experience our Vehicle Safety Course, designed to teach teens the essential skills they need to understand river and dam risk awareness, rescue steps, CPR essentials (DRSABCD), and farmhouse hazard removal. Participants will explore the following key topics in this engaging program:

  • Select Appropriate Character: Choose a character appropriately dressed for swimming on the farm
  • Drowning Prevention in Rivers, Dams, and Water Bodies: Learn about the unique risks associated with rivers, dams, and different water bodies. Understand the importance of awareness and caution, especially in areas with flowing water or diverse aquatic features.
  • Rescue Steps: Learn the steps to rescue a character by steps of talk,reach, throw and wade. Learn the importance of staying calm and composed during a water rescue to ensure the safety of both the rescuer and the individual in distress.
  • Learn CPR: Familiarize yourself with the vital steps of CPR using the DRSABCD approach. Gain a comprehensive understanding of each step, from checking for danger to initiating CPR and seeking professional help.
  • Farmhouse Remove Risks: Learn how to identify and remove hazards around water sources commonly found on farms.

This course ensures that teens not only learn but actively engage with the material, transforming the process of acquiring water safety knowledge into a dynamic and enjoyable experience.


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How to get started

For Teachers

Before incorporating Calm Your Farm into your classroom, we advise teachers to prepare and read this valuable information first. This will assist you in seamlessly implementing the program with laptops and devices in the classroom with your students.

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