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About the course

Level up your paddock safety know-how, learn how to prepare, ride and keep safe with horses, identify horse riding styles, select behaviours and precautions to stay safe from bites, and how to be responsible around heavy machinery.

What will you learn

Experience our Paddock Safety Course, designed to teach teens the essential skills they need to understand paddock safety by selecting the right attire and choosing horses based on health and behaviour to promote safe interactions. They will master horse riding techniques, preventing shocks, bites, and unsafe silo behaviours, and testing your heavy machinery mastery through an engaging quiz.

  • Selecting the Right Attire for Horseback Riding: Discover the essentials of choosing the perfect attire for a safe and enjoyable horseback riding experience on the farm.
  • Choosing Horses Based on Health and Behaviour: Make informed choices considering the well-being and behaviour of horses when selecting your equestrian companions.
  • Approaching Horses with the Right Attitude and Behaviour: Cultivate safe interactions by learning how to approach horses with the right attitude and behaviour, minimizing the risk of injuries.
  • Safe Horse Riding: Uphill, Walking Styles, and Injury Prevention: Saddle up for a safe and enjoyable ride! Master the essentials of safe horse riding, including techniques for riding uphill, identifying walking styles, and preventing injuries.
  • Preventing Shocks from Electrical Fences: Make informed decisions to prevent electrical shocks, ensuring a safer environment for farmers working around fences and overhead wires.
  • Preventing Bites: Nip bites in the bud! Explore practical strategies to prevent bites from snakes, insects, and dogs, fostering a safer farm environment.
  • Safety Behaviour Around Grain Silos: Learn and apply safety behaviours by identifying and correcting unsafe practices around silos, promoting injury prevention.
  • Heavy Machinery Mastery Quiz: Test your machinery mastery! Engage in a short quiz challenging your knowledge of safely operating heavy machinery on the farm in various contexts.

This course ensures that teens not only learn but actively engage with the material, transforming the process of acquiring paddock safety knowledge into a dynamic and enjoyable experience.


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How to get started

For Teachers

Before incorporating Calm Your Farm into your classroom, we advise teachers to prepare and read this valuable information first. This will assist you in seamlessly implementing the program with laptops and devices in the classroom with your students.

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